Information about Biotech Xchange


Save animals, save time, save research 

Why join? 

Our company is built on a foundation of (com)passion for animals and a passion for life science. We believe that great science and animal welfare should go hand in hand. For those reasons, we are dedicated to helping Replace, Reduce, and Refine (the 3Rs*) animal research wherever possible. 

How do we do this? 

We do this by bringing together 3R initiatives worldwide and creating an easy insight into how they relate and compare with each other. This helps to avoid missed 3R opportunities, and the duplication of effort. We also work with universities and research institutions to develop custom solutions to truly replace, reduce, and refine on a local level.

What do we offer? 

We've made 3R solutions in animal research insightful on one online platform that is easy to use for scientists, facility managers, and companies. All methods, products, lab animal alternatives, and evidence-based 3Rs techniques can have a place on our platform. We believe that this will lead to more rapid and widespread adoption of the 3Rs, and ultimately to fewer animals being used in research. 

If you share our vision and would like to join us on this journey, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Our platform is accessible by invite only therefore if you would like access, please request an invite here

* The 3Rs stand for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. They represent a way of thinking about animal use in research that is based on the principles of humane science. Replacement refers to the use of non-animal methods in place of animals. This could mean using cell cultures or computer models instead of whole animals in research. Reduction refers to using fewer animals in research, through careful experimental design and the use of lower doses. Refinement refers to making experiments as humane as possible for the animals involved, for example by minimising pain and suffering. Together, the 3Rs represent a way of thinking that can help researchers achieve better science, while also reducing animal suffering. You can read more about the 3Rs here.